Marcia K Canady
Designated Broker
EntreHOM Fine Properties


Drone Video

Filmed and edited by Marcia Canady

Drone Video

 Filmed and edited by Marcia Canady 

Neighborhood & Home For Sale

 Filmed and edited by Marcia Canady 

Email Marketing


After Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

I create "Calls to Action" Campaigns.

I lower the price for a couple of days to:

  • Initiate an Automatic Email to Potential Buyers/Agents  in the MLS
  • Send 2 Email Blasts to over 20,000 Agents the Week of the Open House
  • Create a Facebook Ad (using the same graphics) to a Targeted Audience
  • Link to a Landing Page that includes the Property & Neighborhood Details including VIDEO.


The Garage Sale

A $1.2M without a Garage? WHAT?  Yep...I had permits and a contractor standing by to build that garage. 

This email blast prompted the Agent to come to my Open House...a home that she had passed on in the MLS her out-of-state Buyers absolutely needed a garage. FULL STOP.

Her Buyers ended up purchasing the home...and decided the carport would work fine.  


Design | Build | Stage

Marcia Canady managed the entire build process. The buy, permits, architecture/design, staging, marketing and sale.